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                  Every human is a unique being of light.  A vibration that ebbs and flows within the pulse of the universe.  Expressing ones passion positively affects those around you.  This energy links every being to one another.  The light, color and radiance that emanates from these individuals combined with my inherent figurative obsession demands artistic expression.  I embrace the human experience and the amazing vessel that carries us on this journey. Capturing the energetic connection that ties us all to one another and what fuels these exchanges is my primary focus. 


            Depicting these connections translates to high frequency, rich, expressionistic portraits, moments, and exchanges on the two dimensional plane.  Alternative sub-cultures such as The Burning Man sub-culture, vaudeville, circus, burlesque and fire performance, and other alternative sub-cultures provide a wealth of captivating subjects.


             I seek a harmony of representational, expressive, vividly vibrant works that capture the essence of a charged moment.  The drive to express, to share this fascination derives from the overwhelming talent, love, and gratitude for expression and creativity I observe in those around me.  When individuals choose their passion they become beacons for us all.


Jenny  Oeleis




1984 Great Falls, Montana

Living & working in Denver, Colorado



Circus as an Educational and Therapeutic Tool Online Training, Holistic Circus Therapy, Online, Fall 2021

Teacher Licensure in K-12 Art Education, Metropolitan State University, Denver, Co, Spring 2009


BFA, Painting and Drawing, Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design, Denver, Co, Fall 2005




Solo Shows

Inca Collective, Co 2023 

Voodoo Comedy Playhouse, Co. 2015

Dust, The Rose, Portland, Or. 2013

N.W.I.P.A, Portland, Or. 2013

A Gallery Space, Seattle, Wa. 2012

Makedon Gallery, Seattle, Wa. 2012

Impulse, Kitchens Ink, Denver Co. 2007


Group Shows

Rocky Mountain Goat Yoga, Co 2020-2021

Rackhouse Pub, Co. 2017 

Sideshow Gallery, Co. 2016

Kitchens Ink, Co. 2014

Voodoo Comedy Playhouse, Co. 2014-2015

Piece of Mind, Portland, Or. 2013

Six Days Art Gallery, Portland, Or. 2012-2014

Aurora Public Schools Art Educators Show, Downtown Aurora Visual Arts, Aurora, Co. 2010-2012

The Phoenix Asylum, Boulder, Co. 2009

Carla Wright Gallery, Denver, Co. 2008-2012

Smells Like Community Spirit, Apogaea, Lake George, Co. 2008

Crossroads Theater, Denver, Co. 2007

Wide Open Whatever, Core Gallery, Denver, Co. 2007

Dynamic Light, Dynamic Spaces, Co-Art, Denver, Co. 2007

Hope and Fear, Burning Man, Black Rock City, Nv. 2006

The Dance of Life, Core Gallery, Denver, Co. 2006

1st Annual Boulder International Fringe Festival, Boulder, Co. 2005

Phillip J. Steele Gallery, Denver, Co. 2005, 2006

Rude Gallery, Denver, Co. 2005, 2006                                                                                                           

Texas Gallery, Denver, Co. 2005

Triboro Gallery, Denver, Co. 2005

Sanguine, Group show Capsule Gallery, Denver, Co. 2005

Mostly Done, Group show Triburo Gallery, Denver, Co. 2004

Texas Gallery, Denver, Co. 2004

College Bred Pansies, Group show Kaladi Brothers Coffee, Denver, Co. 2004

Spivak Gallery, Denver, Co.  2003

Shore Annex, Denver, Co. 2003

Phillip J. Steele Gallery, Denver, Co. 2003

Phillip J. Steele Gallery, Denver, Co, 2003


Professional Experience

Arts Caravan. Creator and Lead Instigator. Produce and perform in Circus Variety Shows, workshops, and happenings. CO, OR, NV, SC, GA, CAR, HI, ISL, UT, MT, NM, AZ, FL. 2014-present 

Zircus Erotique. Fire and vaudeville production and performance. NM. 2022 

All Souls Procession. Fire and vaudeville production, performance, and workshop, AZ. 2022 

The Charnal Lords. Theme camp and art support and fire performance. Burning Man. NV 

Starry Night Productions. Fire and vaudeville performance, CO. 2022 

Fire on the Midway. Theme camp, art support, and fire performance. FL 2022, 2023 

Glamp Camp. Apogaea Festival. 2012-present

Six Days Art Gallery. Gallery member, curator, artist. 2012-2014

Rose City Vaudeville. Professional fire and vaudeville performance. 2010-present

Carla Wright Gallery. Artist. 2008-2012

Hula Hideaway. Apogaea Festival. 2010-2012

Aurora Public Schools. Elementary Art Teacher. 2009-2012

Theme Camp and Art Placement Lead. Apogaea Festival. 2009

Gantry Rebirth. Fundraising, building, design, and showing of large scale metal fire sculpture. Apogaea Festival, Burning Man, and The Mile High Music Festival. 2008

Synge Fire Performance. Professional fire performance troop. 2006-2010

Department of Public Works. Infrastructure Apogaea Festival. 2005-2008, 2012-present

Burning Man Festival Fire Conclave. Fire performer, art support. 2005, 2006, 2011-2013

The Boulder International Fringe Festival. Visual Arts Assistance, pre-festival planning, exhibiting. 2005

Colorado Renaissance Festival. Guest entertainment and assistance. 2004, 2005

Paintings in local independent film. Fall 2004

Burning Man Festival. Theme camp Art team: Large scale art Installation and camp infrastructure support. 2004-2006, 2008, 2011-2014


Additional Interests

Fire and vaudeville production, performance, and education. Yoga. Acrobatics and acro-balance.  The healing arts. The great outdoors: hiking, camping, snowboarding, sailing and soaking. Human, cultural, and cosmic connections and interactions. Travel.

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